Does degradable tableware really have a future?

It is an inevitable trend for PLA degradable tableware to replace disposable plastics


1. 100% biodegradable: PLA is made of starch from renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassava, etc.), which is a new type of bio based and renewable biodegradable material. The starch material is saccharified to glucose, and then fermented by glucose and certain bacteria to produce high-purity lactic acid, and then synthesized by chemical synthesis method to a certain molecular weight. It has good biodegradability and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature after use.


2. PLA comes from nature and belongs to nature: at present, most of the common take away boxes, restaurant boxes, supermarket food boxes and other disposable lunch boxes are made of petroleum base materials, and the production process will contain more additives, which may lead to human cancer. Waste lunch boxes can only be buried or burned, which will harm the soil and water, The gases generated by incineration will cause a large number of greenhouse gases to be discharged into the air. Bio based materials from renewable resources such as corn and sugarcane can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water 100% in nature to solve the problem of white pollution and realize sustainable development.


3. Urgent environmental status and policies: according to incomplete statistics, the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, according to news reports, the global temperature will rise to 60 ℃ in 2030. What a terrible data. The world environmental protection organization is also vigorously urging its members to pay attention to environmental protection. In recent years, China’s “environmental protection action” is really moving towards the goal of “green mountains and green waters”, which makes the PLA market reach 300000-500000 tons in 2020. The plastic ban has been implemented in Hainan Province, and it is believed that it will be widely promoted in the near future.


It is an inevitable trend to replace disposable plastics with fully degradable PLA tableware equipment. 4. Enhance the awareness of environmental protection: with the improvement of people’s own consumption level and the mention of the quality of life, more and more enterprises begin to realize the inevitability of the development of PLA tableware, and the reform of living standards will inevitably lead to the reform of products, The reform of packaging materials will come sooner or later. It is an inevitable trend to apply PLA which is harmless to the environment and beneficial to people’s health.

Post time: May-13-2021