How does the existence of fully degradable garbage bags change your life?

Garbage bags play an indispensable role in our life, and bring a lot of convenience to our daily life. How to solve the plastic environmental pollution caused by garbage bags while using garbage bags? In fact, there is a best of both worlds option – fully degradable garbage bags.


Domestic waste is a by-product of human life. With the rapid development of social economy and the high concentration of urban population, the output of domestic waste is gradually increasing, so the use of garbage bags is also increasing. However, the main materials of garbage bags are made of plastics, and the main components of plastics are extracted from petroleum, Moreover, it will take about 200 years for the garbage bags to be buried in the ground to degrade and cause serious pollution to the soil environment; If incineration is adopted, harmful smoke and gases will be produced, which will pollute the environment for a long time. Due to the large amount of use, the environmental pollution will be more serious.


The new polyethylene base material and food grade EBP degradation masterbatch are used in the fully degradable garbage bag. We solemnly promise never to add recycled materials, which is safe and non-toxic. And the product is solid and firm, bear pressure, not easy to damage, using high-quality nano materials, advanced processing technology, perfect sealing treatment. Under the natural environment, it is completely degraded into water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter, returning to nature, no secondary pollution, and ecological environmental protection.


Therefore, when using garbage bags, we should use fully degradable garbage bags. In terms of environmental protection and pollution-free, starting from ourselves is the best feedback to the environment. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment. Starting from small things and starting from ourselves, we can live in a better environment.


Post time: Apr-29-2021