What is compostable materials?

Compostable degradation is the limitation of biodegradation, the designation of microbial environment, the degradation time, standard and the impact on the environment. The European Union has a definition for this, which is described as “compostable material”. According to EN13432, compostable materials must show the characteristics of biodegradability, that is, the ability of composting materials to convert into CO2 under the action of microorganisms. This property was measured by a laboratory standard test method: en14046 (also disclosed as iso14855: biodegradability under controlled composting conditions). In order to show complete biodegradability, at least 90% of the biodegradation level must be reached in less than 6 months.

EU issues regulations on compostable degradable materials

The disintegration measured in the pilot compost test (en14045), i.e. the fragmentation and loss of visibility (no visible contamination) in the final compost. Samples of test materials were composted with biological waste for 3 months. The final compost is then sieved through a 2 mm sieve. The mass of residue of test material with size > 2mm shall be less than 10% of the original mass.

Cycle process of compostable materials

There was no negative effect on the composting process, which was verified by pilot scale composting test. Low levels of heavy metals (below a given maximum) and no negative effects on final composting (i.e. reduction of agronomic values and presence of ecotoxicological effects on plant growth). Plant growth tests (modified oecd208) and other physicochemical analyses were applied to composting where degradation of the test material occurred.

Biodegradable Materials we (Wuhu Radar Plastic Company Limited) manufacturing products with
We are taking PLA and PBAT as our major materials for our biodegradable products.Such as
1,PLA cling wrap,PLA Stretch film, PLA packing film;
2,PLA bags(biodegradable dog poop bags,biodegradable trash bags),which is PLA+ PBAT;
3,PLA straw,biodegradable PLA drinking Straw.
Our products are all 100% biodegradable and compostable, which is EN13432, ASTM D6400, BPI, FDA, approved.

Post time: Dec-19-2020