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All ranges of resin, can be used for different molding,including blowing film,extrusion molding, casting molding,100% Biodegradable&Compostable, real eco-friendly, no harm to the environment,can be fully degraded into H2O and CO2 in industrial composting facilities within 180 days.

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PLA Resin

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Customized Packing


Various Color

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Anhui, China


Raw Material








High Transparency Film Resin

For PLA film

PLA Cutlery Resin

For injection

PLA Straw Resin

For extrusion

PLA Blowing Film Resin

For blowing


A:100% Biodegradable&Compostable, real eco-friendly, no harm to the environment,can be fully degraded into H2O and CO2 in industrial composting facilities within 180 days.

B:Usage: Kitchen Use. Microwave heating, refrigerator food preservation, fresh and cooked food packaging and other occasions are widely used in household, supermarket, hotel and industrial food packaging field.

C:Service:For finished products,we supply long term plans react to any feedback customer may have;for modified material, we provide after-sale technology service to ensure the success of producing.

Why Choose Us

A,Quality assurance

We have professional QA system to ensure the quality of our mass goods,from raw material to finished products.

B,Advanced technology:

Keep on improving technology during the manufacturing,we can produce high quality PLA films;

C,Professional team:

We specialized in PLA related products for more than 10 years, for modifying raw material, manufacturing finished PLA products,to keep our products a high-level quality and function.From technicians team to sales team, we dedicated to provide the best-customized biodegradable solution to all customers in different industries.


We have related certificates for our products, to prove the safety of our products as well as showing our sincerity, such as FDA, EN13432, ASTM D6400, BPI, etc.


What does it mean by 100% Compostable?

100% compostable means that PLA products are fully renewable. It can be converted back to monomer and polymer, or, it can be biodegraded into water, carbon dioxide and organic materials. PLA is much more sustainable than regular petroleum made plastic.

How long does it take to completely compost PLA products?

Typically, PLA will completely compost in commercial compost in roughly 30-45 days. In home composting bins they may take longer.

Will PLA compost in my trash can?

PLA products require certain amounts of heat, moisture and air to compost. Regrettably typical landfills do not contain these necessary circumstances and the items dumped in the trash usually end up at these landfills. Also, landfills are typically sealed which means that decomposition happens below the surface and what is thrown in the trash can is preserved for decades after.

What are the storage requirements for PLA?

PLA must be kept out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry location. Keep the PLA products under the temperature of 110 degrees (F) and below 90% humidity at all times.

How should I handle PLA products during transportation?

Keep PLA products in cool, dry spaces with the temperature never exceeding 110 degrees (F). Although not required, refrigerated truck is highly recommended in transporting PLA products.

Can I use PLA products for hot beverages?

Yes, if the beverage temperature does not exceed 110 degrees (F). PLA products perform better when used with cold beverages although the typical heat tolerance of PLA products is 110 degrees (F). We have heat-resistant CPLA coffee cup lid to match paper cup which can be used in hot beverages.

What is the average cost of PLA compared to regular plastic products?

The average cost depends on the brand, type, and size of the order. Yet the cost compared to regular plastic products is becoming more competitive as the interest in biodegradable product rises. The disparity in prices is about 15+%.

Are PLA products safe to eat?

PLA products are not edible yet are generally non-toxic. Small pieces of PLA will most likely pass harmlessly through the gastrointestinal tract. Once passed through the gastrointestinal tract it will be eliminated in the stool. Please consult a doctor if pain or discomfort arises.

I am allergic to corn; could I still use PLA products?

Yes, the heat used in the process of deriving the starch from corn destroys the immunologically reactive profiilin. Profilin is the chemical that usually causes an allergic reaction and is not found in PLA products.

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